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So im curious. What do you guys suggest for wheel size? I like the look of the 20's but i dont want to sacrifice performance.


I am considering the Shelby Razors as they look like they were designed specifically for our cars. Your opinions matter. Thanks.

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If you are taking your car (SGT) to the track, you want 18" wheels. Some like the look of 20" wheels (I'm not one of them) but I have not seen anyone who is serious on a track using anything other than 18" wheels. If you are talking just about street use, get what you want as, particularly if you are not going to involve seriously hard cornering in your street driving. I can't put my finger on why I do not care for 20" wheels on the SGT but those who like them, like them a lot. Good luck.



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18 on the track for show 20. I have 18- 10 on all four corners of my Roush this car will never see 20



i would like to see a picture of that roush if you dont mind. that definately is not a setup you see often on mustangs.

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