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Saw this on CNN (better read on TopSpeed.com)


Having recently gotten back from Afghanistan, it's possible I may have missed the highlighted (red text) press release. I know there has been much talk about the future of the GT500; if such an animal will exist, what it will be called, if it will still carry the "Shelby" name, etc. And I'm not sure I ever remember reading a "new Shelby GT500 with, potentially, more power" coming out sometime soon.


All that said, thought this was an interesting read...curious to see how many folks jump on the "Hellcat".




Chrysler Group is taking muscle cars to steroid-crazed levels with its new V8 engine. The Dodge Challenger SRT with the optional Hellcat engine, available starting in the fall, will put out a total of 707 horsepower.

This will be "the most powerful muscle car ever," according to Chrysler.

The Challenger SRT Hellcat will have an eight speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual. It will be competing against cars like General Motors (GM)' Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with its 580 horsepower V8 and the 662 horsepower Ford (F) Shelby GT500 which recently went out of production. A Ford spokesman wouldn't comment on its competitors car, but a new Shelby GT500 with, potentially, more power is expected to be revealed some time soon.


A General Motors spokesman indicated that that automaker has no plans to try to approach the Hellcat's horsepower output, at least in a Camaro. GM has already unveiled a version of the Corvette two-seat sports car, the Z06, with a 650 horsepower engine.

Because owners might not want to trust just anyone with 707 horsepower, the SRT Hellcat will come with two key separate "keyless ignition" key fobs to start the car. A red key fob will enable the driver to use the Hellcat's full power potential while drivers given the black key fob will only be able to unleash up to 500 horsepower.

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After falling woefully behind, Mopar has finally come to the game. The Hellcat is porky, some 200lbs more than the SRT 392, but nonetheless impressive. Can't wait to see the numbers.

Not only did MOPAR come to the game, but the brought a big freakin' stick! Fit and finish on the Hellcat looks great. I think it is a 10 out of 10 all around. Granted, I have a soft spot for MOPAR previously owning (and will own again one day) my old Viper. SRT doing a great job with their cars these days. And speaking of Viper, that new car is amazing and bringing the heat to Corvette on track and the street.

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The Viper is on hold and already due for a refresh/redesign since it's getting killed on the showroom floor and in the magazines by the new Vette. GM hasn't said much about the new ZR1 Vette, so I'm quite sure they'll take the new Mopar news to heart and bring out the 900 lb. gorilla to quell the 800lb. one. I'm no way a GM fan (I'd love a Viper, you couldn't give me a Vette), and I hope the snakey Ford planners have something serious in the planning department, be it a new GT500 or a new Ford GT/Pantera/GR-1/Cobra/etc. But whatever it is, it needs to happen soon, if not right now!

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