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Selling My Corvette For Shelby


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If I may offer some advice: Going from a Vette to a Shelby is quite a change in direction. If you want straight line performance, you'll be happy with the change especially if you get your hands on a '13 or '14 car. If you think the Shelby will handle with the Vette, think again. Stock Shelby's are nose heavy with balance being 57% front and 43% rear. The Boss would be a better car to own if you want to turn in any direction at speed. With that said, a highly modified Shelby from a suspension, brakes, chassis & cooling standpoint will handle & perform quite well. And you really don't need the extra HP to have a blast. The Vette in comparison is a much more well balanced car, but down on HP compared to the Shelby. It all depends on what type of driving you wish to do. If you go for the Shelby, try to find one that has low miles and already has the mods you want. This will save you a ton of money. Good luck in your search and choose wisely.

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:happy feet:



I have to agree with Secondo... The Shelby GT/SC is a great choice. And it just so happens a Team Shelby member is selling a beautiful one. Fastest color too. ;)


Here's a link to the thread.



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I've had this Corvette since '06 and ready for a change.

Longtime Vette owner but also got bit by the Shelby Cobra "Mystique" since I first laid eyes on the 67 in a 60's Car & Driver.

and yes the boss 302 or a Shelby gt/sc would be a handler. No, I'm not a 1/4 mile feind like the curves but acceleration too.

mainly I miss shifting a good manual trans. I will never get used to paddle shift autos & find myself reaching for the shifter.

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