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Criticize My Upgrades And Estimate Power Gains! 2010 Gt500-Keeping The Stock Blower!

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Car dynoed 475rwhp stock, has a 535rwhp 91 octane tune, and 2.59" pulley, everything else stock.

I am keeping the stock blower. There is enough power here to run 11s , and a TVS just seems like complete overkill. The car doesn't need more power, it needs better tires. I'd like to build the car that Ford would have built, if they didn't have to make sacrifices.

So, I want to spend a little cash, and focus in on tires, intake, and exhaust.

My goal when I'm finished, is to have a killer set up that grips, and will out ET higher HP GT500s. I've seen cars run mid 12s @ 125-130, making 700+hp on the TVS, but they can't launch from a dig, and in the end you get a Dyno-Queen, that makes great power, but won't stop spinning until 4th gear. Not interested in owning a car like that.

Tell me what you think about this strategy, and if the parts I'm buying are a waste of money, or just not needed, at my power levels. I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, what RWHP should I expect after each stage? I included my best estimates.

Stage 1 - I have this now. Pulley and tune on 91 octane. Made 535rwhp

Stage 2 - 93 tune, off road x pipe, Nitto NT05Rs on 18x9.5" rims. Estimated 550rwhp

Stage 3 - 67mm VMP Throttle Body, JLT Big Carbon Fiber Intake. Estimated 575rwhp

Stage 4 - Kooks Long Tubes, Kooks off road x pipe, stock mufflers. Estimated 590rwhp

What do you think?

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I tell you what...One of THEE most impressive cars I've seen out at the Mojave Mile is running a STOCK blower on it. He was running just a tick slower than I was (at my first race) and I have a FRPP 2.9 and tune.


I'm not sure exactly what he has other than a tune. I'm not sure if he has a smaller pulley but he might (probably does).


He was running right around 170mph in a standing start mile.


He haa a 1st Gen GT500 ('07-'09) otherwise stock appearing (wheels/tires/etc). He did have his outside mirrors removed and taped over the holes.


You're right. You can make a stock blower HAUL ASS.




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Good to hear! I've had a lot of cars in my day, but this GT500 is just brutal with the torque it makes on this 2.6" pulley. It just hauls ass! A tune and pulley really wakes this car up. Stock was very disappointing. I know it has it's shortcomings from the factory, but for a pure street or even 1/4 mile car, the stock stuff works. Sure if you road race the car, the brakes and intercooler will overheat after a lap, but on the street, short blasts, it works great. If I were a test driver for Ford, I'd say hold off on the power, lets get some tires worthy of this car under it first!

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