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Steeda Pulley Install

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I have pulley, tools and tune at the house to do the pulley install, however I am waiting on the Shelby idler setup to ship out of Vegas, so is it safe to install the pulley while I wait for Shelby to ship the idler pulley, provided of course I'm not dogging the car, or should I cool my heels and wait till Shelby gets off their tail and ships my idler setup?

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I wouldn't. The belt will have less tension.


I would wait until you have all the bits then tackle the whole install together: I did CAI/pulley/idler/plugs and SCT tune in just over half a day really taking my time and with a blower pulley that just wouldn't come off (needed a little persuasion in the form of heat...)


Plus it's frustrating waiting for the other bits.


At least you can drive your car safely as it is at the moment...



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