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Red Silicone Hoses

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Looking to add some attention to the car under the hood and it is almost impossible to find any Red Silicone hoses that can be used. I have tried to order them through Samco but that was back in late February and they haven't arrived yet with no expected delivery date as of yet. Ideally... I would prefer it if Shelby would produce this so that I can keep the car as much Shelby as possible. I recently added the Red Super Snake Coil covers that are offered and would love to increase the surprise when the hood gets lifted up. Shelby... please consider adding the different colors to the production as well as the blue that is currently offered.

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Not sure what year you guys have but I have spoken with Samco directly about this for the 13/14, and tho Shelby is the only one who can order them with the WHITE and only WHITE GT500 logos, there are many distributors who can order the hose kits for all years.


From my research I have only found one distributor who will actually order them and they come in MANY color options however will only come with Samco logos though there are also color variations for that logo.


Now according to Samco SA can order the hoses themselves in ANY color even though when you ask they will tell you otherwise.


Below is who I went through for a Viper red (burgandy color should accent candy/ruby red factory color) with black samco labels. If you google search colors available there are standard colors and special colors, special colors have a 15% premium color charge.


Mark Drinkwalter

Marken Performance

123 Ottawa St S

Kitchener ON N2G3S8



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