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How Does This Happen

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That appears to be a manufacturing defect in the clear coating process of the rims. Its called fill-form cracking. It is caused when bacteria gets on the rim, then the clear is applied over the top. The bacteria eat little 'worm trails' into the rim, but under the clear. If you run your fingers over the rim, the surface will feel smooth, becasue the damage is under the clear coat.


The photos you posted are the worst case I have ever seen.


Here is some more info...





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What are you using to clean them? Spray wheel cleaners will do that. Mine are fine with car wash soap and water only.



^^^That would be my question also?


The edges of the clear coat at sharp angle areas on those wheels is where this starts, usually indication that a harsh, or even acidic wheel/tire cleaner was used and it got under the clear at these edge areas and began to oxidized the alum. under the clear. The oxidation will only grow............


Any nicks or imperfections in the clear that allow chemicals under the clear can cause this issue.


If the car has been driven where salt may have been previously on the road and it rained............this can cause liquid (rain water) that also has salt in it to get into these clear coat imperfections, and we all know what salt does to aluminum.





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