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Wrong Clutch Assembly ?

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Back in may 2011, I had my clutch replaced under warranty at 23000km (about 14,000 miles) on my 2009 GT500

I am now at 51,000 km (about 32000 miles), and the clutch started to slip again.


When I look at the work order that was issued for the repairs, I see that the repairs were performed according to TSB 10-3-8.

That TSB says that the clutch assembly part # should be CR3Z7B546A (2010 clutch)


According to the work order , the part number used was 7R3Z 7L596A, which seems to refer to TSB 09-09-02 and the OLD clutch (2007-2009).

The Cylinder, flywheel and sleeve # are correct.


Can somebody confirm that my assumption is correct and that they used the incorrect clutch for the TSB?.


If it is the case, can I have a recourse against the dealer for not using the correct parts?



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I have one question to ask you to verify if you have the wrong parts installed in your car. When you start off in first gear or reverse gear, as you let the clutch out do you hear a hissing noise? If the answer is yes, your dealer installed the wrong parts. The new clutch is made with organic pads. The old clutch is made out of a cerametalic Material that makes a hissing noise as you engage the clutch. If your dealer installed wrong parts, they should be liable to make it right. I'm sure in 2011 many of the old parts still sitting on the shelves. If the mechanic did not do the right homework and read the parts list and doublecheck his parts before he installed them, then a incompetent job was done. It starts with the guy ordering the parts.

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UPDATE: Sorry for the delay but here is the status:

After several talks with the service manager, he just told me that he is in discussion with Ford about the problem, that he wants them to pay for the new clutch!!!

Although I pointed out that they did not made the repair according to TSB 10-3-8, he said that TSB are only guidelines and that Ford never prohibited them from using the "old" parts.(ie 2007-09 clutch) instead of the 2010 as stated in the TSB.


As I understand, he does not want to pay for their mistake in using the wrong parts and want Ford to pay for it!!!.


He is supposed to call me as soon as he gets an answer from Ford....

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