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Mms Mac Issues. Need Opinion.


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I got a set of MMS Macs and also installed a Lethal off road H Pipe. No other exhaust mods. I got them from a member here with very few miles on them. It does sound pretty wicked full throttle but is far louder at part throttle than I expected. Also, they drone like crazy under 2000 rpm. Over 2500 rpm they have an odd sound like a rattle or it may be the "tingy" sound others have described. I went from full stock exhaust to these and thought I just needed to get used to them. If I keep it between 2000 and 2500 rpm it sounds fine but that's a narrow range.

I saw in another thread someone talked about blowing out one of their mms mac and am wondering if it is possible this is the issue with mine. How would I tell? What exactly does that mean blow out?

Any help or opinions are appreciated. I am not sure if I will go back to stock, try to do dynamat or try another brand.

Thank you

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