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Nice Charger there. Are you going to Carlise?

Just realized (I THINK) this comment & question was aimed at me...(yes, I'm old, I'm confused....)


Thanks! Not sure about Carlisle, yet! I DO have an opening in the schedule....

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I'm trying to go this year and then to LI to see my family. Haven't been to Carlise since the 80s and then only to buy parts. Totally unsure if I want to drive the Daytona in NY traffic.

I don't blame you, (and I'm just over the river, and a little south of NYC! My motto: The best way to see NY, from NJ)!

One exception is New Year's Day: a couple years ago, drove the wife and Mom-in-Law back to their family's old home place in Flushing, went right thru Times Square, before noon, no traffic, whatsoever, but once we got to the old neighborhood...no where to park, everyone at home 'sleeping it off' I guess!


Are you a member of the SDAC? I (somehow) got elected VP of the NY/NJ/DE/PA local group (DV SDAC....made the mistake of going to the bathroom when they voted...stupid prostate)!

Nice facebook presence for SDAC, (the DV-SDAC is our local group on FB). 'L-Body' page too, on FB.


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