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!! What Date Does Team Shelby Come To Summit Point Race Track


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For 2 years I have missed seeing allot of members at the summit point race track that I know happens sometime in June. Does anyone know the date they will be up here in the Winchester Va area and more importantly the day they are at summit point race track.


Thank you in advance,



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I'm sorry to be the guy to rain on your parade, but I'm not sure that we will be coming to Summit Point this year. In fact, I don't believe any track event is currently being planned by the North East region.


The last few years were really big events for TSNE (the 50th Anniversary of Shelby in 2012, and the 1st Grand National event last year). It was kind of "in the cards" that 2014 would be a year to catch our breath and relax a little. We will still have some events, just a little lower key compared to our usual.



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