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1/8Th Mile


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So my girlfriend and I went to qualcomm last night for the 1/8th mile drags and had a blast! However I had traction problems. Not a huge surprise given my car is stock with the factory tires still on it. So now im thinking about different wheels and tires. I know iwant mickey thompson drag radials on the back and a staggered wheels set up. So I want opinions. This car I wat to handle well but be able to straighg line race occasionally. Which wheels weigh the least? Is drag radials a bad idea?


Im considering shelby raZors or Niche Targas.



Whats your thoughts? Btw my best time was a 9.52 sec 1/8

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I like the stock wheels myself, but if I was going to change I'd go with the Razors. And unless you're going to change out the tires and wheels for racing be sure that you put on a set that will work for both the street and the track.

Have fun!


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I like the wheels on your GT350. I will keep my wheels and tires and probably get a set of razors so I can use a wider tire in the back.

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