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Shelby Bash Go Pro Videos From Palm Springs To Vegas, Poker Run And A Session At The Outside Road Course


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Wow! cool, never had a vid of myself getting pulled over before...LOL...

Amazing it never really even looks like we are moving all that fast, but I did a quick brake check after other drivers were nice enough to flash their lights, and was looking for CHP to be at the side of the road ahead, but there he was coming the other way, another quick brake tap and he got me at 85...From the footage it looks like we never got above 60...

For the record the cop was really cool, at first he was pissed because he said he just pulled someone over in the front of the pack who gave him some attitude, I was in ass kissing and apology mode and he was nice about it, we had a few laughs and he let me go without even calling in my info which was a big surprise as you wont get that treatment in the Phoenix area !

Thanks for the footage, cant wait for next year, with less 5-0 face time of course...



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