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Opinion On Best Street Drag Radial 20" Size For Street Racing And Cuzin


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Best drag radial for street use,for hooking up and for wear,will be driving about 2500 miles a year,would like them to last a couple years.dont plan on going to track,but May street race it a few times a year if the chance arises,other than that just CUZIN around,maybe a few 200 to 300 mile trips,are am I expecting to much out of a drag radial,and if I get caught in the rain are they gonna be any worse than the factory goodyears,and can they be driven in 50 60 degree temps will they hook when it's that cold.

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Tire choice is kind of a comprise, it depends on your priorities and also on your horsepower level.

With more wear durability you end up with a harder compound and less hookup.

A few seasons ago I put on less than 1500 km and 60 strip passes on a set of M&H Racemasters, and they were right down to the wear indicators.

They were a soft compound and did grab very well, but I would hate to be caught in the rain with them as they had very few grooves on them.

I found that neither the Goodyears or the M&Hs work very well at all down in the 50 - 60 degree range, you really have to be careful going even mid throttle in those conditions.

I hope to try out a set of Nitto 555Rs this year, and see how they work out for street and strip.

Going to the strip with the stock Goodyears can be pretty freaky, even with just a few mods under the hood.

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I have the NITTO NT555R Drag Radials, 305/35/20s and I LOVE THEM!


They hook really well on the street even with tire pressures up to around 32psi after you learn how to launch with them

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