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Estes Park, Co Coolest Car Show In Colorado July 4-5, 2014


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Must be car show sign up season! I just got the entry sheet for "The Coolest Car Show In Colorado" in Estes Park on July 4 (it says it also spills over to the 5th this year). They have a new indoor venue at the fair grounds instead of the park downtown.


Part of the draw was to be close to downtown so I don't know how it will be.


Link to site:




Alas, the GT will probably be in Vegas by then, so if we are in town I'll just go to be a spectator.



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Congratulations! (I'm sorry I missed that news.)


I hope to see you at some of this summer's events and wish you all the best in your new location, where flooding should NOT be a problem...

Flooding was not the determining factor. We had no damage although the entire town was evacuated and we were not allowed on our hose for almost three months. We were looking there a year ago in march and we're ready to put an offer on a place the day after the flood but it sort of interfered. We lost a great house. We kept our eye out and I spotted an ex listing on Friday our friends of almost 35 years went by an d there was an open house and she told us to get on a plane NOW. We were there Monday o saw 8 Tuesday and offer accepted on Wednesday. Now we're in transition sort of a man without a country. I forgot that I also quit my job and retired the day before the flood. It's an interesting time.

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