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Is Anyone Interrested On Having A Shelby Gathering At South Padre Island This Summer?


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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone would be interested on coming together and have an event at South Padre Island, Tx this coming summer. I am currently in VA, but once I get back home to TX I can start scouting locations for us to come together and conduct a car show, and I think it would be cool to take a drive on the 2 mile-long Port Isabel Causeway. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can start developing some details and block out a date for the event. Please provide ideas and any comments, maybe we can start an "South Padre Causeway running of the Shelby's event".


Thanks. :yahoo:

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I am in the Valley and part of the local MCA club. We have about 10 Shelbys active in the club. We also get together about every 3 months for a Saturday lunch. This would be something I am sure these guys would be interested in.



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