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Finally A Proud Shelby Mustang Owner


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Finally bought my first Shelby Mustang about 8 weeks ago. Started my affection for Mustangs with a green '69 Mach 1 390 back in the early 80's. I quickly became a fan of the Shelby Mustang and said one day I will own a Shelby. My first "Shelby" was a baby girl in 1988. We were ahead of the curve on her as the movie Steel Magnolias came out in 1989 and then the name Shelby became a popular girl's name. I really wanted a Shelby Mustang when the 2007 model was released but I did not want to pay the premium being asked by many dealers. So I settled and bought an 07GT California Special convertible (old screen name was 07GTCS). I loved the car but it was just not a Shelby. So eventually I sold the car and started the hunt. On three separate instances I tried to buy an '09GT500 convertible red stripe, an '09GT500KR and a '10GT500 coupe, each without success. Finally in mid January when Michigan was being hit with a lot of snow and cold weather, I struck a deal with a Ford dealer in Michigan that had taken a trade-in on a car they originally sold ~2.5 years earlier. A 2012 GT500 Black with Red stripe convertible with only 785 miles. I had the car shipped down to Houston so I now have my 2nd Shelby, but first Shelby Mustang.


Started with some simple mods, CDC Light Bar, new Shelby floor mats by Lloyd Mat (very nice!), Craig's Custom Mustang front license plate brackets (works great!) and personalized Texas plates. Still waiting on SPP for the Dash Plaque.


I will be driving her to Las Vegas, leaving this Saturday, to attend my first Shelby Bash and the Mustang 50th. I have not posted much over the last 7 years but I have spent endless hours reading on this forum. Thank you to all those who have contributed the invalualble information contained in this fourm. I look forward to meeting some of you next week.


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Congrats - beautiful color combo! Enjoy.


If you have not had the chamce, please register as the new owner at the Shelby Registry site which can be found in my signature.







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