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Saac-39 Elkartlake ,wi.


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I must say that, unless I'm missing some threads on this forum, I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of interest in this event. As a current Team Shelby member and a former SAAC member, I understand that this is primarily a late-model group but we should remember that without the cars built by Shelby in the 1960's there would be no Shelby American today and very little to seperate us from Saleen or Roush mustangs.


While I'm not a huge fan of SAAC's management, I am sure that anyone attending SAAC 39 will have a spectacular time. SAAC 22 was also at Road America and it was great. Road America is probably the finest track in the US and has great food, atmosphere, and uncrowded viewing. The SAAC event is also being held in conjunction will the spring vintage car races which are very worthwhile in their own right.


It surprises me that there aren't groups coming from all over to attend!



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