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Trading Card For My Car

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I thought it might be cool to make a trading card for my car. This is something I've been toying with for a while and it seems like the perfect time. As a kid I enjoyed collecting trading cards including sports, sci-fi, etc. Why not late model muscle car? Trade them with forum members, hand them out at local cruise nights. I bet kids would eat these up.


So, I need opinions. Please take a look at what I put together. I'm all for keep it simple. What would you change or add? These will be printed the same size as a typical trading card. I couldn't get Image shack to post the actual size. Just a heads up, when I converted them to a JPEG to post they got a little darker. They look great when we print them. We use a nice heavy stock and cote them for durability.





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I like it...good job. Have you thought of posting the template here on the forum?



Hey John,


The layout isn't in a typical software application. A friend of mine who is a graphic designer lays these out with her specialty software.



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Bob...this looks pretty cool. Early on I had a business card type thing I would hand out, but yours looks a lot better. On another note...you gonna be at the cruise next weekend?? I might be there if taxes are done or pretty close to done...John

Hey John,


Thanks for the compliment! These cards are a little larger than a business card, actually same size as a typical trading card. As for the cruise, not sure as my car is currently on jack stands. We replaced noisy 3.73 gears and I have been doing a restoration back to factory look on the rear end before it goes back in.



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Thought I would bring this back up with car show season upon us. This is a photo of the finished product, they are the same size as a typical trading card. If anyone is interested send me a pm. All I need is 4 photos (I do not use logos) and the information you want on the back. This could be your name, specs, clubs, social media etc. I use the same layout and back ground on all of the cards.



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I like the idea.

Not trying to burst your buibble ,

I think you need written permission from Shelby American, Ford, and any company mentioned on the cards.

Jer could clue us in on this. :salute:

In this case I think he's fine. He is using photos of his property and the problem is when somebody tries to use stock photos or logos. If he's not selling them but rather giving them away he's ok. If he tries to sell them that's different.


I've been doing similar things for my clients for 12 years and as long as I abide by these guidelines all is well.

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