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Mustang Sales Remain Strong


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Glad to see this. I would not think its due to fear or dislike of the 2015 Mustang. It's just that the current Mustang is such a great car!




Sales of the Ford Mustang rocketed up in the month of March, with the 9,305 units sold representing a solid 21 percent improvement compared to the 7,688 sold last year.


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I really like the rear of the 2013-2014. I'm actually surprised by how few I see out on the road. I drive my 2013 RS every day and love it. The tail lights are so distinct that it's obvious when you see a 13-14, even more so at night. You can spot them a mile away. There's only a couple that I see on a regular basis on the roads, and I have a heavy commute through Denver every day. The 13-14 will certainly be the last hooraw for the S-197 and a great one. The S-197 will certainly be a future collectible. In general, the production was really not that big. 20 years from now it will be rare to see one on the road, which is scary.

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