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I did a shelby aux. idler double bearing idler kit with a 2.60 pully a ford racing super cobra jet mono blade throttle body a ford racing resonatoer delete pipe with airaid filter, tr6 spark plugs and sct-1 tune xcalibrator 3. I am happy with the hp gains, you won't be sorry if you do the pully change.

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I did the Revan Racing 13-6 upgrade withOUT the pully, just the CAI, 65mm TB, TR6 plugs, and custom Lund tune, and the car woke up a LOT. I can't wait to do a pulley down the road after the newness of this recent added power wears off a bit.

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Hey guys,

I did all STEEDA CAI and TUNE.



I was thinking of a Throttle Body and a Pulley.


Can you tell me what is the difficulty level to change the pulley, or you NEED to bring the car into a shop to do it?
Also, do you really feel the difference with pulley replacement?
Which one did you put on.
Thanks a lot in advance
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