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Questions About Fuel And Boosters

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So I take delivery of my 08KR in a few weeks.


We only have 90 octane in Alaska so should I utilize a booster? My 07 was tuned for 90, but I will not be retuning this one.


Do you think I'll be good or should I use a booster. I can get Torco if needed.





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There may be some concerns with O2 sensor contamination with boosters or other additives.

You can always get a hand held tuner and custom tune for the car, tweaked for your available fuel.

With the tuner, you can always pull another degree of timing if you need to.

Probably best to consult with one of the big reputable vendors, just to make sure.

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Call the Ford Racing techline (1-800-FORD788) and they should be able to give you guidance on the limits of your tune. The intake and tune on the KR was developed by Ford Racing and can actually be purchased by owners of base GT500's (http://fordracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=9880).


In the process of building up my GT500 I've learned a few things from the reputable tuners that work these cars. The base GT500 tune (the stock tune rated for 500HP) was actually tuned very conservatively, with ignition timing low enough so that if the owner accidentally put 87 octane gas in the car it wouldn't knock and kill the motor. This was done mainly due to warranty concerns and cause the 07-09 GT500's (and KR's as well) didn't have knock sensors. Obviously, turning up the timing to be more in line with the proper octane fuel for this boost level (91+ octane) yields significant performance benefits (this is part of where the aftermarket tuners get the extra power from) but of course you have to make sure you always give it the premium grade fuel :)


The KR tune was rated at 540 HP. I know some of that was a result of the better intake and bigger MAF housing, but a lot of it was in the tune as well. My gut tells me they upped the ignition timing but I'm not sure. Ford (and Ford Racing) tunes are usually tuned for the lowest common denominator of what a driver may encounter anywhere in the US so they should be safe for you. I actually didn't know the highest you could get in your area was 90 octane (until I read your post the lowest I've ever seen is 91).


Good luck!

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Nope, only heard of race gas which was 50 a bottle and torco which isn't on their tests


Just bought a case of Amzoil. It was shipped out of Superior WI. I have used it and am happy with the results

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