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After not even being in South Carolina for 6 months, I got word that the Army's Recruiting and Retention School (where I'm an instructor) will be moving to Fort Knox, KY. So come late November to early December, I will be in the Mississippi Valley Region's foot print. I look forward to meeting follks from this region when I arrive and maybe help get the ship back on course! Has a new regional director been found yet?

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Mississippi Valley Regional Director is Willis68 with me assisting him. We are both down in the Nashville Area and feel free to shoot either of us a message. I would say Welcome but figured I would wait until you moved.

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Alright, I will be boots on the ground in Kentucky (Louisville area) the end of next week. I see there hasn't been ANY activity for the region on here in like 8 or 9 months. What gives guys? I KNOW there are some awesome Shelby owners in this large region. SPRSNK, anything in the works for 2015? I am right on the boundry of the MV Region and the Great Lakes Region, but I would like to help get things moving for us. I kind of think that part of the problem could be that most of the members might be falling in with other regions since we border some very active ones. Could be wrong though. Anyways, I look forward to participating soon!

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Sadly this region does not appear to use Team Shelby. Either that or the interest level is really low. As many know, tracking your Shelby is BIG fun; however, our region has not turned out for any of the posted events. Best of luck.

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