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Drag Tires/ Wheels

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Ok I just purchased a new gt500 and am very excited to be part of such tradition. I tried making a pass with a burnout and realize that the oem tires dont hook even with burnout. I am looking at some 275/60-15 Mickey Thompson et streets but not sure what wheel to go with as far as offsets go width etc. can anyone else share a similar experience and what they got?


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I've ran the MT ET Street Radials. 305/35R20. They stick great if you heat them a good 4-5 seconds. However, once they slip on launch, there isn't much bringing them back. I hear they are about the best DR you can get though. Good compound. I'm happy with them. I'm not going to find a full slick for a 20" anyways, so it's the best route you can go other than going to a smaller wheel.


I ordered the Weld RTS wheel package online that use the 17" rears (and 18" fronts). I already have the MT radials sitting in my garage, but still waiting on the wheels to show up.

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