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2014 Gt500 Clear Bra

Roush GR40

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Went ahead and had a clear bra installed on my 2014 GT500....very impressed with the results. The material used was XPEL and the work was done by TVP in Raleigh, NC (www.tvpauto.com). Based on others recommendations I did NOT cover the stripes and did the following components: front bumper, fog lights, head lights, rockers and mirrors. Here are some pix of the install:













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One of the first mods I did was the 3M clear bra paint protection. I covered my stripes and would be curious how yours was installed. I know that I will likely have to replace my stripes when I replace the 3M material as the stripes will likely rip. What I have found though is any gaps in the 3M tend to collect and hold dirt so you have to be very diligent on your cleaning of the car where the 3M ends and paint begins after every drive. I wonder if they installed your bra to leave a gap between the stripe or if they ran it right next to the stripe? I will say that the 3M saved me replacing on large hood stripe already so I am personally happy I covered them. They say you need to replace the 3M once every 6 years and my 6 year mark is coming up next year. We'll see what happens.

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