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Ford Customer Care An Oximoron!!!!


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I am the proud owner of a 2013 Shelby GT500. I absolutely love the car and unlike many of you, use it as a daily driver. It was purchased at Crown Ford in Lynbrook NY and they are a great dealership who sold it to me for sticker unlike many other dealers who quoted me $5-10k over. Only initial grip is with the F-1 Goodyears. A great track tire but miserable on the road as a DD. Switched them out for Michelin AS high performance tires and love them. However, this post is not to rave about a car we all love but rather to tell you all about some quality issues and the how Ford customer care responded. Please see the posted pictures. Two are of the steering wheel and two are of the rag top. The steering wheel coating is peeling. The roof has two stains and one tear. The tear is located at one of the hinge points for the retraction system. I took the car into Crown for a passenger door speaker replacement( stock speaker blew??). At the same time I had the dealer submit the photos you see here to Ford customer care for repair or replacement. They agree to replace or refinish the steering wheel(what exactly they plan on doing I don't know as I am waiting for spring). However, when it came to the rag top they basically blew me off! The claimed that the stains were due to me storing a wet top in the closed postion which created mold and that the tear was from an external source of contact. I live in New York on Long Island. The idea that the top was left down when wet for an extended period of tine is ridiculous. I don't leave any thing in my life here unsecured or open when unattended. This I New York! If you leave it for a minute its gone. We invented gone in 60 seconds. The top on that car is never left down when parked or stored or any time other than when it is being drive. Also, are you telling me the material in the top is not made mold resistant in this day and age? As far as the tear, what can I say? I can't even imagine a scenario where the roof could be abraded without damage to the rest of the car. So in any case, I was told the dealership could appeal the initial decision, which they did. FORD CUSTOMER CARE SAID THEY WOULD DO NOTHING FOR ME!!!!! THAT THE PROBLEMS WERE MY RESPONSIBULITY. SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF THE CUSTOMER AND SHODDING PRODUCTS. THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL CUSTOMER CARE ON THE TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCT, AND SO I STICK BY CALLING IT AN OXIMORON.


Sorry for the rant but I promised the last rep at Ford I spoke to I was going to publish my bad experience with them. Thank you all for your ears.





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I can understand why they would question the top. Glad to see they are repairing the wheel. As stated above, not all dealers are the same; my experiences have always been good.

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As an owner of multiple convertibles in the past, I would not expect the dealer or Ford to replace your top for the staining since that looks like something environmental, No convertible tops are mold resistant unless you get vinyl and you really don't want vinyl. For the tear i I would think if you can demonstrate the mechanism caused the tear then they should repair the issue and replace the top, but if you can't demonstrate how a defect in the mechanism would cause the tear then you're likely on your own.


Glad they are fixing the steering wheel, I know how frustrating issues can be since we all want our cars to start and stay perfect! Good luck.

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