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Gauge Pod Angle Rings

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Has anyone out there ordered the new Gauge Pod Rings?


How much work is there to installing these?


You'll need to disconnect each gauge, one by one, and remount the gauge to the pod under the new ring, then reconnect. Not difficult, just a little tedious.





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Jer, when I go to click on the install link on the gauge pod, it does not open. I am curious if above average talent is needed to install the whole setup? The new angle rings are a great idea and look fantastic. I plan on making this a summer project.

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^^ good question. For me, I'd like to fine a trusted installer in central Texas. If someone knows someone that you would trust to work on your car, please let me know.

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Will order a set as soon as I can view the Install instructions.


Fairly sure these are the Auto Meter angle rings. Here are the instructions. According to the instructions to have the oblong out the hole so the guage fits at an angle. You also have to cut the bracket to hold the guage at an angle. http://www.autometer.com/download_instruction/2650-878X-10rA.pdf

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Just picked this up from SA.

Haven't gotten around to the install yet.

It is an Autometer part and the instructions are included in the package.

As Jer stated, and by reviewing the instructions, more tedious than anything.


Will get some pics up as soon as I can find time to install them.

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Installed this today.

Took about an hour.

Very tedious work, but once the gauges are disconnected, take the pod with gauges still mounted to your bench or table to remove each gauge and install the rings.

Use the provided templates to mark and cut the aluminum brackets.

Both legs of the provided brackets need to be cut down. One shorter than the other.

Not a very difficult job at all.

Tried to post pics, but files are too big. :banghead:

Will try and re-size and post later.


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Any trouble taking the gauge pod off the dash and repositioning it?

Mine has never been off the dash since new. (California Edition Car)


Thanks for posting the pictures and comments about the install.l

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The pod lifts off. Just separate the velcro.

Repositioning isn't bad either.

To get the velcro to grab hard again, roll a couple of towels and wedge them between the pod and the windshield and leave for a couple of hours. Helps get good contact between the 2 velcro parts.

Also, the pod didn't need modifying, jut the legs that came with the rings.

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I am in the middle of doing this. Be very careful on cutting the brackets. The bracket for the boost needs to mount upside-down from the other two or you will not get the light bulb back in. Be sure to look at the back of the brackets carefully and how they will mount on the gauges. Now off to find another bracket...... :banghead:

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And I thought I did them all backwards !!

I did the boost gauge right, but had cut all the brackets the same, so the others were wrong.

When I looked at the template versus the back of the boost gauge it didn't seem right. Sounds like the instructions might need to be more clear for the CS gauges.

I used a round file to notch the other brackets for the wires. You might be able to do the same for the light on the boost gauge.


Jer, if you are looking at this, I would gladly bring my car over so you can tweek the instructions so as to save someone else the same mistakes.

Will have the pod out agin this week to try some new LED bulbs.

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