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Atco Today For 1 Pass - 2011 Gt500 Tvs


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Last minute I decided to go to ATCO today with my 2011 GT500 Convertible with a 2013 TVS swap making 590rwhp SAE.

Temperature outside was upper 50s and sunny, not mine shaft air, but nice conditions.

I pulled right off the Highway, went through tech and right in to the staging lanes.

I aired my Michelin A/S 3s down to 28# and decided to do an easy get acquainted pass.

I launched off idle and cut a 2.18 60'.

I short shifted to 2nd and immediately got locked out by the infamous 1-2 grind, so I let off and grabbed 2nd again.

This resulted in a 8.84@94.18 1/8th mile.

From there it was smooth sailing and the car pulled like a freight train through 3rd, I shifted to 4th and my virgin pass was a 12.93@122.93.

This car amazes me, 122.93 after missing a gear.

Unfortunately my day ended after 1 pass, a I felt a vibration on the highway and I thought my wheels weren't balanced properly, unfortunately a nasty pothole the other day caused this on the driver side front and rear wheels, I can't see how I didn't notice this...






Knowing my car could easily trap over 125 on a clean pass I didn't feel this was safe, especially with the bubble in the front tire. Luckily nothing happened on my pass.

On a side note....

My buddy's 660rwhp GT500 ran a 11.9@125 on a 2.0 60' and a 12.2@128 on a 2.3 60' also on A/S 3s at 28#.

My 18 year old son ran his 2005 GT manual tranny to a 14.1@103.9 on a 2.3 60' on crappy Goodyear F1s.

Time to get some new rims and get back out there.

Maybe a new shifter too?


I think I figured out why I am getting the 1-2 grind and lock-out...

I don't power shift, but I do lift throttle shift very fast (speed shift).
I actually shift in to the next gear before the clutch pedal ever hits the floor, I have always done this in other cars and had great results.
I think in the GT500 on the 1-2 shift I have to deliberately slow down, make sure the clutch pedal is to the floor, then shift 1-2, on the 2-3 and 3-4 I will speed shift as usual.
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