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Scca Local Event


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OK, I've never done their autox because they don't give enough runs and I like getting more seat time for the money... but I hear they are generally VERY helpful with new guys.


There's really nothing to prepare on the car unless you want to spring for some stickier tires to start on, but I'd recommend sticking with just really good street tires over dedicated autox tires till you get good at it...


take some tire chalk and a pressure gauge in case you are inclined to try and dial it in, the idea is that you start slightly high, and bleed off pressure till the tire is rolling over just right....


Just go and have fun, try and ride along with other drivers if you can.


It's the 2nd funnest thing you can do in a car!

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Jason is dead on. I've been doing SCCA Autox for several years now with the SGT, and it

was born for it right out of the box. With the school and then competition, you should get plenty

of seat time to learn, which for a newbie is the only real important part. Walk through the course

as many times as possible (since you'll have minimal prep, that shouldn't be a problem). It is

true that you will generally get less runs during a SCCA event because they draw the best

competition, but you can learn from others there about other less busy local events with other

clubs. The key for the first year is less about the car and more about the driver.



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Great central valley is well-known for plenty of good opportunities. The good pointers above will help. My hint is: smooth is fast; don't slow down so much so quickly; science has proven that you feel better when using your smile muscles, even if the use is not in response to the usual smile-inducers; the car is not a tool, but a glove your actions use to get from here to there as economically as possible; trust yourself to get it right, eventually.

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