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Ford Gt Service In San Francisco / Peninsula


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Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a Ford GT serviced around the San Francisco Peninsula area? I've heard Shawn at Walnut Creek Ford is good but the location is bad for me. I'm closer to San Francisco (and work in SF) so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Serramonte Ford in Colma or Veracom Ford in Burlingame?




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If you want a ford dealer, I don't have any experience with them, so I cannot vouch for them, but what I do know is they have sold a lot of Shelby's and also some FGT's


That would be Towne Ford in Redwood City.


If you don't care about the service company being a Ford dealer, I'd go to Club Auto Sport / Borelli Motor Sports in San Jose, check out their website and you'll see what they're all about....


And like Tony said, check the FGT forum

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