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1970 Mach 1 And My 2011 Gt500


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This is a photo of the second mustang I've owned, my 1970 MACH 1 that I purchased in San Antonio, Texas in Sept. 1983. This was the last mustang I was able to fit in. When I saw that movie "I am Legend" with Will Smith driving that '08 GT500 chasing the deer in NYC and hearing the whine of the supercharger I knew I had to have one. I went to a Ford dealership in NJ and attempted to squeeze myself into the GT500 cockpit, but miserably failed. I asked the dealer if they had any automatics, and he laughed and said the GT500's don't come in autos! That made me want one even more!!!!


Let's fast forward to late 2012, I saw a Grabber blue w/red stripes on the NorthPark Lincoln high end pre owned lot, It sat there for 3 weeks before i decided to go look at it. A dealer came out and spoke with me and i told him my history, he said Ford made them a lil larger. He went to get the key and I again squeezed inside. OH MY GOD, the engineers at Ford heard my prayers and lengthened the seat rails!!! The dealer saw the happiness in my face (he thought he had a guarenteed sale) said the magic words "Want to take her for a test drive?".


I took her for a short test drive (cause I had to go back to work) and from that day I was sold, Now to get some finances in order so I can buy one and continue paying my mortgage!! Although my Mach 1 was grabber blue I t just wasn't feeling it with the GT500. So I decided to wait a little longer so I can get what I really wanted! I saw a stripeless Kona Blue Metallic (2012) about 4 months later and it had everything except for the glass roof. I liked the stiffness of the recaro seats but I think after a long drive would become uncomfortable (yes/no?). I really liked the car but it was still wasn't feeling the seats. Well last Monday I received an email from the local Ford dealer with a sale on their certified pre-owned vehicles. BOOM I saw the car I had to have...and that was all she wrote! I went to take a look and test ride after work and she was mine 2 hours later!!


Sorry for the long post...exceitment got the best of me! great day folks!



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