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Air Fliter Question About Screen ... ?

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I recently purchased two High-Flow Air Filters for 10-14 GT500 Factory CAI ( http://vmptuning.com/07-12gt500/10upfilter/ ). Pretty good price for a reusable cleaner to use with a stock system. Anyways when I went to swap it out in my new 2014 Shelby GT-500 I noticed the stock factory air filter has a screen made into the air filter element whereas the aftermarket filter does not. On the 2003/4 Mach 1's there was also a screen that could cause idle and stalling issues if removed. I heard different stories about how it smoothed out the airflow and etc prior to entering the throttlebody. I do know I went back later and re-installed the screen (it was a separate part) when stalling issues developed and it cured my problem.




Has anybody notice any stalling/idle issues using aftermarket air filters without the screen like on the stock air filter? I don't remember the screen on my 2011 GT-500 when I swapped out the stock air filter for a K&N but didn't encounter any issues.

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I took the screen out In my 03 cobra and 03 S3 Roush and never had issue. Thought it was weird to see the screen built into the piece this time also. Haven't had issue this time either but I hardly drive it but haven't heard any complaints.

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The screen removal caused a stalling issue on many 03/04 Mach 1's when removed 10 years ago if the vehicle was left relatively stock with just a CAI added. Retuning on a dyno cured many also. When I saw the screen on my 2014 Shelby built into the stock airfilter, I had "flashbacks" to my Mach 1 days when I changed out filters.


I also emailed Justin Starkey of VMP and asked the same question yesterday. He responded with : ".....maf tech has improved a lot over the past 10 years. If you notice that intake has a bellmouth to help smooth airflow. Most likely you won’t notice any issues with the lack of a screen." So I went ahead and swapped out the air filters and haven't noticed any issues yet. :cool:

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On the 13/14 cars the problem seems to be associated with the ram air tube. Evidently the air coming out of the tube causes a turbulence problem in the MAF, the built in screen in the original filter is suppose to solve the problem. A couple of people have installed a deflector shield between the ram air outlet and the side of the filter element that deflects the air flow around the filter rather than directly into the side of the filter. The problem doesn't seem to show up on a dyno, probably because of the lower airflow through the ram-air system.

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