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Australian Hertz Gt H Convertible 07H096

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Yeah, and the right hand conversion is typically 20-30K. But those Aussies absorb that. But they still have Utes that we don't get here and I've never seen one come this way :)

They have no choice. The Australian government forces owners to convert the car to RHD before they can take possession of the car. I'm sure there are going to be many happy Australians now that Ford will produce the new Mustang in a RHD




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All late models have to be converted but vintage cars can stay left hand. Just sent the link to a Ford friend in Queensland hoping he can find out more about this lucky owner.

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One of our members after living / working in Atlanta and Sudbury Ontario moved back home and had both his GT500 and his wife's California Special Shipped to the land of OZ and both vehicles converted to RHD.


They live in Perth and they would probably know most of the converted Shelby vehicles around their area as they are very avid Shelby participants.

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Mystery solved. I had my friend dig and he came up with a couple email address's. I posted on an AU Mustang site and the answer came this morning. A man and his wife own the car and not exactly sure where it's located but I was told possibly on the east coast. I will email the owners and invite them to the Charlotte 50th party. Now that would be something to see especially with all the other Mustangs from around the world.

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