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Dash Plaque Mounting


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OK, my dash plaque should be here any day for my 2012 GT500...wondering if I have to remove the little SYNC emblem to mount it is my first question, and my second question is whether or not to center it on the console or on the shifter area...opinions are appreciated...I'm leaning toward centering on the console itself where the SYNC emblem is...

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OK, you guys were "partially" correct....The plaque does have a cutout on the back so you don't have to remove the Sync emblem, but it is only cut out enough to allow you to center the emblem on the shifter opening...If you desire to center the emblem in the center of the entire console, you "must" remove the Sync emblem....I'm still trying to decide if I like it centered on the Shifter opening or not, but that is where it is at for now....

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