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Spp Power Package?


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Does SPP offer a power package with CAI,TB,Tune like lethal and revan does?


I believe we will soon have one for 5.0 cars... not sure about GT500s....



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Well I'm already almost done with my power mods to my 08 GT500 (yes, it CAN be over at some point! That's why I traded in my DD fusion for an 07 Shelby GT) so I'm already done on power. Revan, Lethal, and VMP really have most of the existing GT500 market covered I think, so I think it would have to be different to stand out and gain traction. Admittedly it's somewhat of a challenge to build a competing package at this price point/power level - for the 07-09, the GT500KR CAI and tune package from Ford Racing provides a GREAT HP/$ benefit (it was my first mod on the 500) and gets you to 2010-2012 levels (the 10+ already start off with a fairly optimized intake tract so it's hard to get too much more without swapping blowers). If you're not doing a blower swap then you're pretty much left with just a TB upgrade, inlet elbow upgrade, and of course a smaller pulley.


Hmm, now my head is spinning trying to think of other options. If only I could do this sort of thing for a living! :)


P.S. I'm not Van@RevanRacing. Sorry for any confusion. I created the username before I knew of Van.

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