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My 14 Gt 500 Came With The Performance Package Have Questions


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WHAT ACTUALLY IS THIS,AND CAN U DO ADJUSTMENTS TO IT INSIDE THE CAR,WHAT BUTTONS DO I PUSH AND WHAT DO THEY DO,ONLY OPTION THAT CAME ON MY CAR,WAS LIKE 3500.00 but dealer knocked 2500.00 off sticker so it was like a 1000.00 for this I think it's called 821a package,was it worth it ???????

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Excellent choice, it makes a huge difference!! Just like Freakshow said, there are 3 buttons right under your headlight switch on the left, the middle button will allow you to select between normal & sport & the right button selects between comfort, normal, and sport. Press the buttons and watch your display in the middle of your gauges reflect the choices you made. With your steering and suspension on sport it will give you the most aggressive ride (bumpy w/ a responsive wheel). In my car I prefer both on sport, but thats just a preference. I suggest you try all modes out and select the option thats comfortable for you. Im not gonna tell you how to use the launch control (LC) read up on it in your owners manual and learn how to use it. Great choice, enjoy & be safe!

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