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Suggestions To Get Rid Of / Sell For Cheap Factory 5.0 Parts?


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It's clear that most of these factory parts are NEVER going on my car again, and I don't want them taking up space in the garage anymore. I don't want to pay to dispose of them and I don't have the time or patience to try selling each of them individually.


Any suggestions for someone or someplace that may purchase them in a lot for cheap so they can make a profit off it?


I have complete factory suspension (springs, struts, shocks, sway bars from a 2013 GT), factory radiator, complete intake manifold with injectors, factory catback exhaust, factory headers, factory brakes (front rotors and calipers and pads and rear rotors), and more fun stuff.


I called a couple of salvage yards and they weren't much interested.


I could transport it all a short distance if I borrow a truck from someone, which I could do if necessary.


contacts? suggestions?



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