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Hellion Tt Shelby Kit?


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I work with John at Hellion with several of our cars, and while you CAN do just about anything and dual systems are out there, I think he would agree that a switch is a better alternative. The limitations on a turbo are the same as a positive displacement option, you can break anything with enough boost. The system we used on our Hellanor car can produce well over 20 pounds, but we keep it in the 6 pound area and comfortably make 600+ to the wheels without any problems. I personally like turbos and I've made the prediction that they will be used on the new SVT line.... that's just me talking, I have no information to substantiate that claim.



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There are quite a few Ford GTs with the combination of a turbocharger and supercharger.


IIRC, that's called "Compound Supercharging".


There are at least a couple of past threads on it here on TS.





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