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How Many Shelby Gts Were Made For Model Year 2012?


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There hasn't been any hard numbers put out by Shelby American and probably won't be anytime soon. Reason being you can still send a 2012 to Shelby for conversion. I haven't heard of any 2012's being converted after mine. Mine is 38. However, the numbers did not have to be sequential and the first 10 where reserved for anyone who would like to pay a nice premium for a low volume number. I would guess (and this is a BIG guess) around 30 regular 2012 GTS's built. You also may consider that they built special 50th Anniversary models based on the 2012s. Those were limited to 50 white and 50 black. It has been confirmed that they didn't reach the build limit on the 50th GTS's, however, no official word on the total number of those yet.


I guess the big question is, what number is the one you're selling? Also, what engine and options, beacuse that will play into the exclusivity too? Hope this helps you!

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