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Size Of Brake Ducts Behind Lower Grill

Peter Fontaine

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On my 2008 GT500, you can access the backside of the brake ducts throught the wheel wells. No need to remove the splitter. Just turn your wheels full lock and look in there with a flashlight. You should be able to see them and measure them without having to remove anything.



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The brake hoses in the Shelby GT500 brake cooling kit are 2.5" in diameter. The hoses fit snugly on the 2007-2009 models, I'm fairly confident that the ones on the 10-14 models are the same size.



The '13 & '14 models don't have the brake duct spigots on them anymore. They use that area for the track pack coolers.


But yeah, up to '12 they are all the same size.




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