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Got By Godzilla


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Looks like the difference between a more experienced driver in the GT500 and a less experienced driver in the GTR. Well done. The GTR on paper would be quite the formidable opponent on the track and should be superior in the corners.

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I dogged him for about 5 laps and finally got close enough I think he knew I was marginally faster; he blew his corner down the hill and I think he got tired of me behind him. If I had more fuel I would have stayed out and I believe I could have caught that Corvette in front of him. This was the combined Purple and Black groups. (Black being the faster, more experienced group.) I ran purple and the GT-R and Corvette ran in the black group and were placed 1 and 2 on grid. No doubt a GT-R in the right hands is a bad fast car.


Car is stock...except for the brake components listed in my signature. It doesn't even have the SVT package...just SVT tuned...whatever that is. I have MPSS 265's on the front and Hancook 285's on the rear..(I had tire issues and they were all I could find in a pinch). I think with MPSS's on the rear the car would feel even better.


It's my 2nd time to Big Willow and 7th track day so I'm still learning...this lap and this session I ran 1:40 - 1:41 laps consistently and the car felt good. I used about a tank and a quarter in 4 sessions... this is the most fuel I've ever used.

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