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That Snow Mustang!!


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You call that snow? Our frost is thicker than that. :hysterical2:


Just joking with you. :salute:


I know ya are...anyway, it had just started snowing...up to 2 inches and coming down...and over 12" expected by morning...

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Nice glass roof! It would come in handy here, it's going to be 70. :)


I can see the cloudy snowy sky better than you!



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Dude those black FRPP wheels make that car!




You know, its funny...these are my winter wheels / tires. I originally bought them for my '07 Shelby GT, but never actually used them except maybe once. I was about to sell these, then got this 2013 GT. I can't decide if I like them or the shinier wheels that came with the car better!



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