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Wtb A Non-Abused Boss 302. Opened To Colors


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Looking to buy a non-abused 302, with fairly low miles (under Warr.by at least 6kmiles or more). Need to also know if you have title in hand or are financed thru B of A. Reason being for the B of A, that is the bank I will use and not sure if they would WAIT on a title it not fin. thru them. Must have both keys (track-key setup), complete paperwork including (1st Box of Goodies sent from ford to 1st owner). Best to email me at kwldco@yahoo.com.

Can move on this ASAP if the above is met. High on the list of colors Kona, SBY - But open to all other colors.

Thanks and keep it between the lines,


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My dealer told me last fall that the guy who bought his 2012 Boss 302 Leguna Seca (Black with red) the same week I bought mine has decided to sale it.


I am located in Southern Michigan and the car is about 15 miles from me.


I was told he trailered it to his home and stored it in his heated (believe it or not) living room and has never removed the plastic off the steering wheel or seats, etc.


My dealer knew I was thinking of getting one but I have not inquired about it as I was not a fan of the black with red. Only way I would be interested is to change out the rims but at present not planning on making an offer.


I am sure he is asking more than what he paid as it has never been driven, except for the short test that Ford performs and onto the truck and dealer lot. I think he said it has 24 miles on it.


If your interested in knowing price and availability let me know and I will see if this is still true and will get you the information.

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I would be willing to sell my 2013 Grabber blue Boss 302 for $40,000


5,000 miles

Recaros and Torsen diff

Car cover and floor mats

Mgw shifter

Revan/Shelby radiator

Ford racing Brake ducts installed

Track Key

Hood struts

Oil separator




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I don't have the track key set up or second key for that matter, no original owners book. I assume never been tracked, sure I have never. I'm the second owner, 2012 Kona Blue Boss, 14,500 miles.


Has MGW shifter, tinted windows, LCA and lower front grill cover. $35,000

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