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Door Speaker Replacement

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Guys, just toasted my front left door speakers after hooking up the iphone and cranking some Black Sabbath. Question is what speakers will work? 2009 Shelby GT500 All stock audio. Guy at Crutchfield said to get Ford replacement speakers. Hard to buy those again seeing how they didn't survive the first time. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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It was probably 2009 or 2010 that some Einstein among us (meant as a compliment) found these killer speakers that bolted in and cost little (less than the Ford product). I will try and find the thread. I bought some and they are still going strong. If I find the thread, I will report back.



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I installed:


For the door subs: Kicker Audio 8 Inch Woofers (Shaker) (2005-2014), with a JL Audio Amp and an Audio control LC2 spliced in to drive them both. Even stock before the amp upgrade they were a nice sound improvement and look great! It bolts in easy and the instructions are also simple.


For the Full Range speakers: Kicker 40CS684, which sound far clearer than stock with nothing else done, then I added "Shelby Kicker 4.1 Channel Amp (2005-2011)" with my Nav system. That really woke it all up nicely. Note that the Kicker 40CS684 require the Ford pigtail adapter to make it plug and play but they bolt in perfectly.


Then I got really serious and added a


JL Audio Stealthbox and a nice Alpine Amplifier.


Now it completely rocks, no problem with the top down now!

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I went with Infinty Kappa's 5x7 in the doors and deck lid powered to a Infiniti Kappa 1 Amp. For the door subs I used Shelby's Kickers powered to an Infiniti Mono amp. Car sounds amazing. Also fat matted the door, deck lid, and trunk. Crutchfield for everything but the Subs. I also upgraded to the Kenwood Excelon GPS unit. You can tune the shit out of the speakers and i uploaded a Shelby Logo onto the screen for an awesome backround. Can't beat the Garmin Nav in these Kenwood units.

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