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Back In My Shelby With Mgw Shifter


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I had a complete left knee replacement September 10 and my local Ford dealer kindly kept my 2011 GT500. During this time, I had them install the new MGW shifter. I had my last doctor appointment this morning and he agreed that my knee had rehabbed enough to drive my Shelby! I picked it up this afternoon and could not believe how much fun I had missed driving my car. The shifter is like night and day from the stock shifter.


On another note, one of my best friends test drove a new 2014 Shelby GT500 that was on the show room and I think it is going to b his new Christmas present!

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thanks idle-hour. I do not get on regularly and apologize for the late post.


I did not have any specific issues regarding the stock shifter, but after reading about everyone and their new shifters, I decided to make the switch. I am not into modifying my cars but this is definitely the best thing that I did for my car. My dealer owns a 2008 GT500KR and he drove my car after the installation and could not believe it! The MGW shifter looks stock and that is why I like it.


My friend passed on the 2014 and it is still available in all black with matte black stripes and glass roof. He decided after shifting out of third at 5000 rpm doing 130 that he did not need the car! It was uninteresting story regarding his test drive as the first time he got in it, he told them his F250 diesel King Ranch would out run the GT500. These cars have to be started and turned off 50 times to release all the electronics so that the cars will not be redlined in test drives.


Thanks for the thoughts on my rehab and i recommend a new knee if you need one!

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