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Csx6024 At Barrett Jackson


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A preview for the 2014 Scottsdale auction came in the mail a few days ago. One of the featured cars is CSX6024. The abbreviated description said it had a 289. I thought that must be an error. I looked at the website today and sure enough the car has 289 in it. Why would anyone build a 6000 series car with a 289? It will be interesting to see what it goes for. I can't imagine the 289 will help the bidding.



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CSX6024 was sold thru our Cobra dealer in Wisconsin and I believe they are the ones that installed the small block. Probably not too many CSX6000 series cars out there with a small block.



And it would be plenty for the car on the street and even on the track. Basically he ended up with a sturdier 289FIA

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