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Difference between NASA and SCCA?


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Both are in the business of being automotive racing organizations . Both offer HPDE , Rally , Time Trials , Autocross , Regional and National venues at various road race tracks across the country for amateur level racers . SCCA ( Sports Car Club of America ) started back in the 50's and includes a PRO level racing venue while NASA ( National Auto Sports Association ) which was formed from the Northern California Capri Club started back in the 90's . Each has plenty to offer to the persons desiring to get into racing their cars and both have their own types of class categories along with their own rules . Each region is different on whether one is more desired over the other so I would suggest that you talk to the people whom are currently involved in your neck of the woods and see for yourself which one offers what your after in spending your money and time with . Meet the people that are in your region and you'll find out how well they have formed their little community and make you feel welcomed to join in .

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