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Pinion Angle Setting after Lowering Springs, DSS Alum DS, LCA and LCA Relocation Bracket install.


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I just changed out my 2010's rear OEM springs with Strange Dead Hooker Springs, the drop was about an inch. Swapped out the DS to a 1 pc Alum and went with BMR Adj LCA.. Set to the top hole on the BMR lower relocation bracket.


What should the pinion angle be set to? I've been reading that -1.5 to -2 will be in spec.


Also I've read to take a reading at the rear of the DS and then at the pinion flange of the rear differential.


Is this correct? and which is the best hole to set the LCA arm on the relocation bracket for Street and Occasional strip use,.

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I would love to see how you accurately measure the Pinion angle.


Is there a special protractor available for this?




Yes, it is available at your local Home Depot for $8 or so................




It has a magnetic mount on one side to stick it to the pinion flange and get a angle measurement..........




and the other side can be placed on the driveshaft to get its angle measurment.........





Below is a link to the BMR 2011-up Adjustable UCA and at the lower portion of this link is a downloadable .pdf for the install, the angle adj. info. is at the bottom of this install .pdf link.




An FYI...............the - (negative) pinion angle is down and the + (positive) pinion angle is up from the center line of the pinion. The BMR info. talks about - negative pinion angle. The Home Depot angle finder shown above does not indicate - or +, you just have to know by the angle shown if you are + or - and which way you need to adjust the UCA.






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