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15" Brembo with 6-piston Caliper

Criminal Pilot

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Hi everyone,


Short version is below, long story is here:

New here and I am at wits end. I sincerely apologize for posting what must be a 100-time repeat, but I just can't find straight answers. I've been searching for about a week while my poor mustang sits in the shop without any shoes to run with!


2012 GT500 SVTPP, with the 15" rotors and 6-piston Brembo calipers up front. My wonderful shop owner told me 100% beyond any shadow of a doubt, the 18inch steel wheels he had purchased for me WILL FIT over the brembo brakes, no problems! I didn't believe him because of all the reading I've been doing and the difficulty with the 6-piston brakes. But, it would be his costly mistake if they didn't fit so I let him do it, he was so certain.

Sure enough, they don't fit. he tried to use spacers but then he ran out of bolt length, so he started fabbing up a system to make it work. I told him to stop, I don't want Frankenstein's wheels up front on my performance machine. Especially not when I am looking for something durable and safe for cold wet-weather driving. I'm sure he could make it work but I want to know the system installed up front was designed to work, not duct-taped into place.


I'm extremely upset with him because it is now a Friday (four days after he ordered these wheels) and no matter what I order at this point, I won't be driving this thing until next Thursday, if I'm lucky.


Short story:

Are there ANY 18" wheels in existence, that don't cost an arm and a leg (I'm talking around $1000 for the set), that will fit over my 6-piston caliper up front? The problem is the mechanic already bought me the tires and the wheels, so if possible, I would like to find a set of wheels that can handle the 18" rubbers.


However, If this is absolutely not possible, is it generally safe to go with any 19" wheel and be confident they will fit? What details should I be looking at when it comes to these wheels? Will 19" steel stockers (winter steels) fit over the front? I'm not too concerned about the style and design of the wheels, more so the size and fit. Hence why I am willing to use the horrendously ugly steel rims just so I can have her on some rubber for the next couple of months, for the little driving I may be doing in unfavourable conditions.


I would be willing to do 18" wheels with spacers if absolutely necessary, as long as we're not going excessive like an inch of spacers. Probably 1/4 to 1/2 inch is fine. Any thoughts?



Again I sincerely apologize for the repost here, but it has been a massive headache trying to find answers. Especially because "brembo upgraded brakes" also exist on Mustang GT's but with 14" rotors and 4-piston calipers, so it has been a major test in my patience and a practice in futility trying to find a straight answer on what fits. I only recently found out the 2013 GT500's have 6-piston as well, but still can't find any wheels that may fit.

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Top of the Day to you, sir. I have a 2012 also, and the standard wheel size for our cars is 19" with 20" as optional. Unless you specifically want to go down to an 18" wheel, there's plenty of decently priced 19 and 20 inch rims that will clear our front brakes. Check out Shelby Performance Pars on the site for Shelby rims. You might also look at Vossen, TSW, Forgestar, or several other brands that American Muscle sells that are set up for our cars.

Take it easy, shipmate.


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Thanks for the info!


I was hoping to find some 18" that will fit, even with a spacer (1/4" to 1/2" or so, anything to leave enough threads for the lug nuts). Seems like those are few and far between. Problem with 19 and 20 inch is that these are going to be either all season or winter tires specifically so I can drive the car on the nicer days through the winter here (where the snow isn't 3 feet high and it is -40 degrees Celsius!). So I really wanted to avoid buying bigger/more expensive rims that may get damaged or take a bit of a beating during the less than adequate weather. Hence why I tried to get the cheapest of the cheap black steel 18" rims.


I'll start looking at 19" rims that I like and can possibly cover with plastidip or clearcoat to protect the finish. In the meantime, is anyone aware of 18" rims that will fit over the front calipers? Even with a couple of spacers? Anything over 3/4" of spacers and it starts to really mess with the appearance due to the offset.


Thanks again for the help!!

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I did what you did...although I was looking for a spare...they don't fit not because of the WIDTH of the calipers - it's because of the new HEIGHT from the center of the axle/spindle to the outer edge of the calipers. The old rotor/caliper setup is what 16" in diameter and the new is like 17". Just because the diameter of a rim where the tire is mounted is 18" doesn't mean the inside diameter of the wheel design is on the same plane...most wheels dip down towards the center of the wheel so the inner diameter is usually always less than the stated rim diameter....if that makes any sense. However, it sounds like whatever rims you are using might actually have a larger inner diameter so the spacer thing is being looked at as an option. All the wheels I've looked at so far that are 18's clearly state they won't fit the '13 setup.


19's are the smallest option that I've found.

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Yeah it makes sense, that's exactly the problem. The way the wheel dips causes an issue. I'll be looking at 19" rims and tires, probably sell the ones on it now, and get a whole different setup in the spring. Thanks for the input! Much appreciated. I will be sure to post back on my results!

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Just wanted to update everyone. I got lucky and found someone locally with a set of used black Tenzo R rims. Got the set of 4 for $400 and was able to mount up my winter rubbers. I just wanted them as a backup so I can still drive the car on warmer dry days this winter, especially because the stock tires are not suited for any cold weather at all. Add a little bit of wet and a corner, and it's toast. The new tires are about as solid, grippy, and steady as anything I've ever driven with, including my truck! Quite happy with them, and I got really lucky with the wheels actually looking nice instead of having to settle for cheap steelies or something not as appealing. Even has a red stripe that matches the car! What a coincidence... :)


Apologies for the poor cleaning job... I know it probably hurts you to see the poor girl without a proper polish, rinse, and dry! She gets taken care of, just wanted to get all the dust off for a quick pic! Thanks for all the help with tires in this thread!!



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