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Permanent air filters for the GT500


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Guys and ladies,


Any issues with the high volume non-disposable air filters that you have to oil and clean occasionally. Although they are permanent, they are cheaper than buying one single disposable paper type, and it really seems to have a bit more power, but that may be my imagination.


As long as they are properly maintained, any issues with these? I won't mention the name brand, but everybody will know which brand I am talking about. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have never had a SC engine before and don't want to take chances if there is any risk with using these with one of these fine pieces of engineering. Cheers

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I'm sorry, I have no first hand knowledge of the post-'09 cars intake. The Amsoil filter I use is a conical one that is held together by a "screen"...if that's what you are asking....the "medium" is in between.


This Amsoil page will give you more information: http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/filters-and-by-pass-systems/air/amsoil-ea-universal-air-induction-filters/?code=EAAU3050-EA


You'd have to know your filter's ID and length and find one that matches. For me with the FRPP CAI it was the 6 x 8 (#6080) or as the page has...if you know the K & N number - just find the match.

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